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Technical writing - Goal of reviewing your content and how to ask for help.

Hopefully, by now, you’re satisfied with your created content. Now it’s time to ask for feedback from other people.

Goal of a review

You might have been working on content for a lot of time. You have seen the content hundreds of times. It’s easy for you as the writer to miss specific issues. That’s why we have reviews.

  • Weed out potential mistakes
  • Get a fresh perspective on your content

Whom to ask for a review?

  • Subject matter experts, it can be your friends and family
  • Someone new to the content should also review it to give you a newcomer’s perspective

What to ask for in a review?

It sounds obvious; however, it can be challenging to get it right. First, you have to ask yourself the question, what do you want people to review?

  • Do you want them to help with content correctness?
  • Do you want them to help with content style issues?

What to do with feedback?

Now that you have asked for feedback and got one. What to do with it?

The first thing is to analyze the feedback and make sense of it. Feedback can be very subjective. Try to pick the things that make sense to you and incorporate that back into your content. Once you’re down with this step, you’re ready to publish!


  • Think about what you want your reviewers to review.
  • Ask your colleague or friend to review your writing
  • Repeat the above exercise with another person
  • Incorporate the feedback into your article