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Indermohan Singh
Developer Advocate @ Dynatrace

About me

Hey Hey!! 👋

I welcome you to my website.

My name is Indermohan Singh, and I'm originally from Ludhiana 🇮🇳. I currently live in Vienna 🇦🇹, where I work as a Developer Advocate.

I am an experienced Software Engineer interested in technical writing and developer advocacy. You can check my courses, blog and twitter, where I post technical content. You can also check Showcase section to see my previous work.

Apart from work, I like singing, running, and hiking. Hit the play button and listen to one of my recording below:


  • Inheritance in JavaScript at freeCodeCamp Vienna on 15 Feb 2023 - Slides
  • Rendering, Hydration and what the heck is Qwik? at ViennaJS on 24 Jan 2023 - Slides
  • Introduction to Ionic at Devfest Ludhiana on 28 Dec 2022 - Slides


This blog aims to share things I have learned while working with Angular, Ionic, JavaScript, and Software Engineering in general.

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